Even Bigger Announcement

This blog will move from WordPress to Blogger. There is one reason for this move, AdSense. You can call that also money. I don’t expect to make a lot of money and may not turn AdSense on right away. I like to have that option in case YouTube channel comes popular. This seemed like right moment to do this move. Later it would have caused much more work to update all the links.

I have nothing against WordPress or community here. I am little reluctant to move. AdSense or something similar would have kept me here. WordAds isn’t currently one. I will lose two years worth of statistics and go to statistics, which will also show my own visits. WordPress didn’t do that. Which is really good thing if you are interested of the real visits.

This blog wasn’t so popular, that I felt taking big risk exporting it to different location. It gets few hits per day. Mostly from search engines. During summer I was not even sure, if I would continue past two year anniversary. Then I got idea of making videos, which gave me new inspiration. This move is part of changing format of reviews. This move can also means, if YouTube channel doesn’t work or becomes too time consuming, I might bury Kvesti on Movies and Stuff. Sometimes you just have to take changes. This blog would have become more silent anyway,

I will leave these pages as they are for time being. I don’t like dead links and don’t want to be one making them. Search engines should not find this site in future, but it will be available, if you have link. Blogger blog will have same posts except trailer posts. Exporting blog from here to Blogger didn’t work that well with posts with videos. I decided to delete almost all of them rather than modifying posts. Adding videos for posts which main content was the video didn’t feel reasonable considering the time it would have taken.

You can find my new blog at http://kvestionmovies.blogspot.com/

Thanks for everyone, who read this blog, liked the posts and commented them. If you don’t follow new blog for what ever reason, you can follow me on Twitter and YouTube. I will tweet new blog posts.

Marko aka Kvesti


Usually I post trailer for next Monday’s post at this time. Not this time. Now I have an announcement to make. From next week on I stop writing reviews and go to video mode. First real video is coming next Wednesday. It is almost done. Still need to do something for the audio and then render the whole thing.

Video will come here too, but it will be first on my YouTube channel. I schedule my posts and I got to have some tolerance to have video definitely online when I post it here. At the moment I am not sure what I will do with remaining Doctor Who episodes. I might make videos of them or write posts. I won’t be able to make videos of then next Wednesday after they are shown in Finland. But I would be behind of rest of the world anyway, so I might have videos one and half week after episode is shown in Finland.

At the moment I am not sure what will happen after 26th of November. Original plan was to have two videos per week after that. But my vlog style show has changed into more time consuming version. I try to get it closer to vlog type of thing in future. When I get there is still open. Anyway there will be at least one real video every week from next week onward.

Don’t expect too much from first video. It is kind of demo or pilot. It did many things hard way and somethings wrong way. If I had more time I would probably do it again. By not having time to do it all again, you get that future curiosity. Link to my YouTube channel is below. You can subscribe already to get the video when it comes out.

Check my Twitter too. I have activated there and you can follow my YouTube channel adventures more real time there. Current plan is to make this sort of video and general commentation blog. What is too long for Twitter will end up here.


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Star Trek: The Conscience of the King (1966)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils Star Trek episode The Conscience of the King (1966)

I promised to do this on Doctor Who: A Town called Mercy post. While watching this episode, I realized how much I had forgotten of it. I didn’t say anything incorrect in that post. Point just wasn’t as clear as I remembered, but it was there.

This is from first season of original Star Trek. Things haven’t yet locked and characters weren’t what we are used to. Captain Kirk and Doctor Bones looked really bad in this episode. Bones was drinking during shift and Kirk acted like terrible leader. This has one of few Uhura’s musical numbers. There was one other in other episode. I don’t remember if there were more of them. Uhura’s role was later reduced into point Nichelle Nichols almost left the series after first season. But Martin Luther King talked her into staying. One of those things which show how important show original Star Trek was.

Episode is detective story of finding out if a travelling actor is really governor Kodos, who killer half of 8000 member colony. That happened twenty years ago. Only nine persons actually saw Kodos and are able to recognize Kodos. I am not getting into problem of how 3991 survivors never saw their governor. It was never explained, but it is not important here. Kirk is one of these people, who saw Kodos. Others have died while the actor was near.

Episode doesn’t keep mystery mysterious very long. Kirk isn’t sure, but everyone else and evidence are sure. I remembered good man doing bad things angle was more clear. Everyone except Kodos seems to think he is evil. They just see 4000 dead people. Colony had disaster and people were doomed. Kodos made decision to kill half of the colony to give other half change to survive. How ever salvation ships came earlier than they expected and killing of half of the colony was unnecessary. If salvation ships came when they expected them to come Kodos would have been hero. At least he thinks that. No one else seems to think so. No one else haven’t had situations, where they had to make similar decisions.

A Town Called Mercy reminded me of this episode. After seeing this I have to say  A Town Called Mercy studied the theme better. Here only Kodos understands his decision and his reasons to make the decision. Others, Kirk included, only see him as killer of 4000.

At time of shooting Star Trek hadn’t yet stabilized its form. This felt like it was more individual story than part of Star Trek continuation. It gave characters history that didn’t feel correct. Events of the colony happened 20 years ago.  Kirk and another crew member, who was there, felt too young. I mentioned 9 persons who had seen Kodos. Crew member was really young during events of the colony. How he had seen Kodos when 3991 other survivors had not?

Episode was quite uneven. Kodos story was interesting. There were too much scenes which just added the length. I remembered this to be much better. I only remembered Kodos and couple scenes. It has flaws, but it is still good episode. I watched HD version of this episode. CGI Enterprise didn’t feel right, Why they didn’t use original effects? Other scenes looked great thought.


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The Salt of the Earth (2014)

The Salt of the Earth is documentary about photographer Sebastião Salgado. I chose to see this because I wanted to see something on Sunday and as a photographer this felt interesting. I made good choice. I was bit disappointed because movie showed, what a documentary about photographer could be, but then turned out to be more of a normal documentary. Movie started with powerful black and white  Sebastião Salgado’s photographs. Sebastião Salgado told about shown photographs. We only saw his film noir like lighted face. When there were moving pictures, camera stood still, no zooming. Shot was framed like photograph and people moved in shot. Just like in street photography you frame the picture and wait for perfect moment to take a photo. Sometimes you frame the shot in you mind and wait for someone to walk into your frame. First minutes of the movie felt like perfect photography movie.

But it was not to be. After few minutes movie got colors and cameras started to move. Picture quality started to vary from sharp to VHS tape. I would have been perfectly happy listening Sebastião Salgado talking about his photos for whole movie. Movie had two directors, Wim Wenders and Sebastião Salgado’s son Juliano Ribeiro Salgado. It felt like Wim Wenders was making art movie with professional gear and Juliano Ribeiro Salgado was making low/no budget documentary. This made movie feel uneven. Juliano Ribeiro Salgado’s parts had their moments, but he never got to level of Wim Wenders. Movie was uneven, but was held together by Sebastião Salgado’s powerful photos.

Sebastião Salgado is photographer, who started as social photographer. His first major project was photographing people around South America. From there he slowly by steadily went to edgier and darker subjects ending up to photograph genocide in Rwanda. Movie follows Sebastião Salgado’s journey as he lose his faith in humanity in Rwanda and how he become nature photographer and find new hope preserving nature and showing wonders of nature to others. Sebastião Salgado’s photos make this one of most effective movie I have seen. There are photos of real dead people. It is not like fiction where you know it is not real. These things really happened. It is more powerful this way than seeing it in television.  Sebastião Salgado’s photos take these things to personal level.

Movie leaves us with positive note telling how Sebastião Salgado and his siblings have resurrected forest around his fathers farm and showing us his pictures of beauty on nature. I don’t remember seeing so many people staying to watch end credits as I did with this. Marvel movies are exception because we know there is end credit scene. With this movie there was nothing like that. We just wanted to get the whole experience.


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New trailer for YouTube channel

Saturday morning I started to check what I could do with my YouTube channel. I found out it needed a trailer and by end of Saturday I had one. Original goal was start shooting the first episode on Saturday, but now it got postponed. I found out that my audio setup didn’t work as well as it should have. I was lucky to shoot less than minute trailer. With episode I would have needed to shoot again much more. I don’t need to buy new gear. Only to use it differently than I originally planned. Maybe it was just one setting somewhere and original plan works when find it.

This trailer gives some kind of picture what my YouTube channel will be. I still need to become more comfortable with camera. More shooting should fix that. Next video should be the real video. I think I have done enough of teasing videos. Please subscribe to my channel to get videos as they come. I will post them here too but there will be some delay.


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YouTube channel update

That mysteriuos short video means I have started YouTube channel for Kvesti on Movies and Stuff. It will have two shows. Main show “Kvesti on Movies and Stuff” will be what I have done here, but on video form. I will put more effort on that. Another show “5 minutes with Kvesti” will be more of a vlog type thing. Turn on the camera and talk type of thing. “Kvesti on Movies and Stuff” will start at 26.11.2014. It is Wednesday. When I set the date I planned to do only one show for channel. It may change to Thursday now that I plan to do two shows, but first show will be 26.11.2014. Date was set to be second anniversary of this blog. Plan is to start “5 Minutes with Kvesti” by end of this month. It depends how ready first episode on “Kvesti on Movies and Stuff” is by then.

So why go to YouTube? It felt like good idea at the time. I was thinking what I will do with this blog after second anniversary. This haven’t become as popular as I hoped. I watched around my flat and realized that I have almost everything I need to start to shoot videos. I have photography equipment capable of shooting decent video. Some youtubers get great results with similar gear. I have good enough music gear to make my own music and video editing software. With little investment I could have everything I need. Many years ago I had own radio show at local radio station. YouTube channel is not too big leap from that. So I only had to make a decision to start.

On YouTube channel I can combine three things I like: movies, photography and music. Photographers seem to have best looking YouTube videos. I hope that works for me too. So far I have tested my gear to be sure everything is good enough. I am currently making title/theme/intro/what-you-wanna-call-it for “Kvesti on Movies and Stuff”. Next weekend I start to do first episode. It may take two weeks to finish since I have learn many things and make decisions what kind of show it will be. After it is done I will start to make “5 Minutes with Kvesti” and second episode. I hope to have some backlog and routine when 26.11.2014 comes. Currently I feel like I have realistic time line. At least if I postpone more time consuming ideas.

What will happen to this blog? I will publish my videos here too. But I don’t know for how long. Review posts will stop after I start to publish videos. I may cut down review posts even before that. I don’t know how well I can do reviews in two different formats at same time. I can’t review same movies. This blog may become more of forum for status updates and quick comments. What will eventually happen depends how popular this is compared to YouTube channel. It is always possible I found YouTube channel to be too time consuming for what I get from it and get back here and continue this blog as it was. At this time it felt like right time to give YouTube channel a shot.


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Doctor Who – It was fun while it lasted

Next Thursday won’t be Doctor Who Thursday. For my great disappointment YLE has put Doctor Who on hold for few weeks. I will get back to Doctor Who when YLE start to show latest season again at the end of October. Next Thursday I will tell you my plans for my new YouTube channel, how things are going and what you can expect to see here in near future. I promised to do one Star Trek episode. I will do that next week.


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Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno (2014) & The Legend Ends (2014)

Original names are Rurôni Kenshin: Kyôto Taika-hen and Rurôni Kenshin: Densetsu no Saigo-hen. Movies are sequels to Rurouni Kenshin (2012). Movies are more like a two part movie than two separate movies. They were shot at same time and released month apart. Movies are based on manga series. I haven’t seen the first movie. I didn’t feel I was missing anything. Beginning of third movie felt strange because of that, but everything important was told later.

I saw these movies day after The Suspect. The Suspect felt too long and before seeing these five hours in theater didn’t feel so good idea. How ever these didn’t feel too long. These didn’t have similar repetition as The Suspect had. Every scene told something new. In The Suspect there were repeating scenes that only brought little new each time.

Like The Suspect these had good character that grew during the movie. There were no one dimensional characters. Even main villain had understandable motive and you even felt bad for him. Villains could see errors of their ways and turn into good guys. Protagonist Himura Kenshin was former assassin, who had learned his lesson and made oath not to kill anyone anymore. He even carries reverse-blade sword, which is sharp only on back. He only hurts his enemies.

Main villain is Makoto Shishio, who fought for Meiji government, but was betrayed by them after they won the war. He was burned alive, but he survived badly scarred. Now he wanted to take his revenge on those who had betrayed him. He had army, who hated Meiji government as much as he did. In second movie he was clear villain. In third he seemed more of a victim of government and government was not that trustworthy. But you have to have government to have civilized society. Alternative would be survival of the fittest.

Kyoto Inferno is story of enemy army attacking government. Enemy is clearly evil and government is good. Previous enemies join together to fight evil enemy. Movie ends with decoy attack and we don’t see fights we expected to see. Ending is like ending of Empire Strikes Back. Heroes are left scattered and villains are still strong.

First hour of The Legend Ends is heroes licking their wounds and building for epic finale. After that we get back to where we left at end of second movie. This movie is not as clear battle between good and evil. This is more of government trying to stay in power acting untrustworthy and dishonorable. Honorable people stay with government because it is better than alternative. In this movie Shishio and his gang seem more human than in second movie. They are still evil, but they have given more human characteristics. They are evil partly because of what government has done to them and they are not completely beyond saving.

This is not scifi or fantasy, but this has the spirit Star Wars prequels should have had. These movies combines grand adventure. great heroes, love story and politics into epic entertaining movie. I sat almost five hours in theater watching these movies back to back. There was ten minutes break between movies. I never felt movies were too long or boring.


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