Doctor Who: Listen (2014)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils Doctor Who episode Listen (2014).

Listen is latest entry in Steven Moffat’s mission to make Doctor Who fans fear everything. It introduces new race, which reminds Weeping Angels and Silence. Weeping Angels moved when you didn’t watch. You forget Silence when you don’t see them. New race is so good at hiding, we usually don’t realize they are everywhere. All three races live among us, but we don’t see them. Is Steven Moffat repeating himself?

New race was just introduced in this episode. We learned almost nothing about then. They were at the end of the world after everyone else had died. What race has to do with big picture? So far we had Missy and robots searching promised land for season’s continuity. Will the new race be there too? Based on how this episode left thing open, I guess we will see them again.

Eleventh Doctor had couple as companions. 12th seem to have too. Ponds had awkward moments. Clara and Danny seem to have similar problems. This episode start with failed first date. Then Clara and Doctor go to the past, where Clara talks to young Danny and this makes Danny become solder later. When Clara gets back to today, she goes back to date with Danny.

This time date fails because Clara knows things she learned in past she shouldn’t know. If things aren’t awkward enough yet, Clara meets her and Danny’s great-grandson from the future in same café she had date with Danny.

So first date goes like this. Clara and Danny can’t stand each others at first date, but try to endure until Clara leaves. Clara meets young Danny and learn more about him. She goes back to café. This time Danny leaves because Clara knows things she shouldn’t know. Clara meets her and Danny’s great-grandson, which conforms Clara that she and Danny should  be together. She goes to Danny’s place and they become lovers. We saw this from Clara’s point of view. How weird it was from Danny’s point of view?

I think Steven Moffat should not write romances. He is better with scifi stories. Love story was really weird. Story about new race was much more interesting. Episode didn’t have own story. I don’t count Clara’s and Danny’s date as such. Everything was to make bigger story go forward. Clara and Danny become couple and new race was introduced. After this episode I started to fear this season will became a mess like 11th Doctor’s seasons. So long we have four different stories for this season.  Each seem to have nothing to do with each others.

Doctor Who: Season 7 (2012-2013)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils Doctor Who: Season 7 (2012-2013).

Let’s start with season number. After this season was 50th anniversary episode. So how this could be 7th season. Well, it isn’t. It is officially 7th series. 7th season was aired 1970. After relaunch seasons were called series. I don’t like that name and I don’t remember seeing that used very much. And classic Doctor Who is not sold as seasons. Classic Doctor Who dvds contain only stories. There is one season collection because that story lasted whole season. Everything else doesn’t have whole seasons. So that is why I called this 7th season.

This season has 13 episodes and from one to four special episodes depending how you want to count them. Wikipedia counts 2011 Christmas special to this season. Netflix has 2012 Christmas special, 50th Anniversary episode and 2013 Christmas special. For this post I only count 2012 Christmas special to this season. I already wrote about 50th Anniversary episode and 2013 Christmas special.

Season had one great episode, A Town Called Mercy. Two good episodes, Cold War and Hide. Rest of it is just a mess. A Town Called Mercy happens in wild west town. Cold War happens in Soviet submarine and Hide in haunted mansion. Se pattern? These are small episodes with limited space and cast. When sets and casts grow, episodes become messy. Story doesn’t stay consistent within episode and sometimes even less with Doctor Who lore. Journey to the Center of the TARDIS (Yes, this is reason Into the Dalek was named Into the Dalek) is groundhog day episode, except we never see Doctor living same events again and again. He just knows what has happened before. Tardis is filled with events from recent past or near future. It is like Clara lives in this moment and Doctor lives in time loop. Episode could be analysed in long post, but I don’t think it would make much sense even after that.

The Angels Take Manhattan was end of first part of the season. It was also last episode with Ponds as companions. Amy and Rory had discussed during previous episodes, how they will and should start to live their normal lives. After this episode they had no choice. Too bad, this episode is complete mess on episode’s level and Doctor Who lore level. Episode has Weeping Angels and River Song. Both were introduced during 10th Doctor’s run. They became more regular during 11th’s run. Main characteristic of Weeping Angels is they can’t move is someone is watching them. Even if it is another Weeping Angel. When they are watched they turn into statues. They are good for horror episodes. In regular 11th’s run fashion they got new characteristics and lost characteristics depending what episode required. To fully analyze this I should watch all Weeping Angel episodes, but I don’t think it would be worth it. Let’s just say they are different than before in this episode too.

River Song was introduced as character, whose timeline goes different direction than Doctor’s timeline. When Doctor meets River first time, it is last time River meets Doctor and so on. River wasn’t time traveller.  During 11th run River became time traveller, semi time lordish and daughter of Amy and Rory. I don’t know when timeline thing was changed. Since season finale of sixth season she has moved to same direction in time as Doctor. Or at least in this episode. In season finale she was dead and knew how she died. Did I tell 11th’s run was just a big mess?

In episode Rory sees his own death, which meant that in his future Weeping Angels send him back in time and he will spend rest of his life in the room he died. To prevent this he decides to kill himself in slight hope it will create paradox killing Weeping Angels and he could survive. He and Amy jump of the building. Paradox happened and both survive. But all Weeping Angels didn’t die right away. One touches Rory sending him back in time. Amy follows him and both are time locked from Doctor. Earlier in episode this fed Weeping Angels. So did Weeping Angels die after all? If they did, why one Weeping Angel could touch Rory after Weeping Angels died?

This is getting quite long. Season finale still to come. Second part of season had new companion Clara. We had seen one version of her in season premiere and different in 2012 Christmas special. Small mystery of second part was, who Clara really is. We don’t get real answer until season finale. Main villain of season finale is The Great Intelligence. It is has no physical form. It was introduced to Doctor Who 1967 and appeared again 1968. After that next appearance was 2012 Christmas special, then first episode of second part of the season and the season finale. Character wasn’t very consistent during this season. It could have been named differently each time and it would have made more sense. Season finale didn’t have much of a build up. Previous episode had nothing to do with season finale. Everything was packed in one regular episode.

In season finale The Great Intelligence goes to Doctor’s time line killing Doctor many times. This start to change the whole reality. Clara follows The Great Intelligence and become different versions of herself saving different versions of Doctor time and time again. So if Great Intelligence have tried to kill Doctor and Clara has saved Doctor countless times during Doctor’s life time, why we haven’t seen them more before this season? During this season we only saw Clara saving Doctor, not The Great Intelligence from Doctor’s time line trying to kill him. Unless first episode of second half was one, but that didn’t have different version of Clara helping Doctor. You shouldn’t write stories like this if you don’t care about implications. Whole thing just becomes a big mess without real continuity. It is just what 11th run mostly was. A big mess. 50th Anniversary and 2013 Christmas special kept things more consistent. As has beginning of eight season. There is a change Doctor Who will come good again. 11th run only had few good episode in a big mess.

Something BIG is coming next November …or not…

I can’t tell you what will or will not happen then. November is second anniversary of this blog. This weekend I  got great idea how to celebrate it and how to improve Kvesti on Movies and Stuff. If idea works, I could combine many things I like to do into Kvesti on Movies and Stuff. There is still problem that it has to work and I need to test it. And do some investments, but I already have almost everything I need. Because I am doing this testing and building, I might need to drop posting schedule to one post a week and have breaks. I am not sure if I need to do that. I still continue with two posts per week schedule until I see I need to drop another.

Second anniversary post will show you my great idea or tell why it didn’t work. There is still over two months to go and many things can happen.

Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood (2014)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils Doctor Who episode Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood (2014).

Back to 12th Doctor and eight season. 12th Doctor starts to became my third favorite Doctor with Sixth Doctor. Fourth and Tenth are still above others. If 12th Doctor continue to have this good episodes, he will leave Sixth Doctor behind.

This episode brought classic Doctor Who feeling first time since relaunch. I don’t know what it was, but something make this feel like classic Doctor Who. It might be because for a first time since relaunch Doctor didn’t try to be nice guy all the time. Before this he has been angry, but this time he is grumpy and whiny. It reminded me of Fourth and Sixth Doctor.

I get more into problems of seventh season next Monday. One problem is lack of season length continuity. Eight season seems to have every episode doing something for season’s continuity. This episode had promised land again. Missy had break this time.  Robots search for promised land like in first episode. Is that Gallifrey or something else?

Classic Doctor Who was skeptical hero. At fist glance problems seemed supernatural, but closer inspection revealed rational explanation. Relaunch toned that down a bit and 11th Doctor was magic and fantasy. This episode brought little of skeptical world view back. Except the legend turns about real. But there was rational explanation to some of the strange things. I hope this skeptical world view stays with series. It is one of the things which made classic Doctor Who so good.

Now that we got to analyze classic Doctor, there is one more thing. Let’s get back to continuity. Classic Doctor Who had stories lasting over several episodes, even stories lasting whole season. First season after relaunch had main story elements on several episodes. Everything stayed consistent. Tenth Doctor had less of a main story over several episodes. He still had season finale over several episodes and taking somethings from earlier episodes. Everything still stayed consistent. 11th Doctor’s run was just a mess. There were main story over seasons, but everything was too inconsistent. Like few fans had told what they wanted and every wish was put into show. 12th Doctor seems to get back to simpler times, when seasons had themes and things were consistent over episodes. I will get back to that mess thing in my next post.

This was third episode and third version of 12th Doctor. I like all versions. Every version suited for the story. It is interesting to see what kind of Doctor we see in next episode. I might be analyzing this too much. Every version we have seen could be parts of one person. First episodes always study the characters. In later episodes characters stays more consistent.

Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy (2012)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils Doctor Who episode A Town Called Mercy (2012).

This blog may be confusing to read from now on. I have done two episodes from eight season, this one is from seventh season and next post may be from eight season. So, this is seventh season with Matt Smith as 11th Doctor and Ponds as companions.

Seventh season started with two mediocre episodes. In second episode Doctor practically kills a man, but that doesn’t cause any reactions. Then comes third episode, which is one of the best Doctor Who episodes. It feels like mediocre episodes until the twist. Episode reminded me of Star Trek episode The Conscience of the King. Both are about good men, who have done terrible things and justice. I try to do The Conscience of the King soon.

Doctor and companions arrive to wild west town called Mercy. Mercy is terrorized by Gunslinger, who doesn’t let anyone in or out. He is looking for alien doctor. Doctor is not that doctor. That doctor is Jex, who has helped the town. Doctor tries to help Jex escape the Gunslinger. He solos during execution of the plan and finds out who Jex really is. Jex is scientist, who has done terrible experiments while building cyborg warriors. Gunslinger is one of those warriors. Gunslinger tells Doctor, he will bring justice to Jex and next person coming out of Mercy better be Jex, because he will kill that person.

At town Doctor sees things are not as black and white as they seemed. Jex did terrible experiments and build cyborgs. He did that to stop the war that was destroying his planet. Doctor should not judge what Jex did by peace time standards. After all Doctor is not that different from Jex. Jex has just stepped over couple more lines. Gunslinger is malfunctioning cyborg, who hunts down everyone, who built cyborg. Doctor doesn’t like what Jex tells him. He is ready to give Jex to Gunslinger. Others stop him. Gunslinger gives ultimatum to Mercy to give Jex to him or he kills everyone in Mercy.

Episodes goes to very interesting territory giving us points why Mercy should give Jex and why they should not. Does Jex deserve justice and what his punishment should be. He is not evil scientist or good doctor. He is both. Things are not as black and white as they seemed at first glance. I spoiled the major twist. I won’t spoil the ending.

I was surprised to see Ben Browder’s name on episode’s credits at IMDB. I didn’t see him during the episode. When I checked again, he was in episode, but he acted so good that I didn’t realize he was there. He was in one of my favorite television series Farscape and now in one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes.

Doctor Who: Into the Dalek (2014)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils Doctor Who episodes Into the Dalek (2014) and Dalek (2005)

Into the Dalek is many ways remake of 9th Doctor’s episode Dalek. First episode after time war featuring Dalek. There is one Dalek and Doctor learning about each others. Dalek goes berserk and start fighting human. In the end Dalek makes his choice which involves stop killing humans.

Dalek gave us information about time war. This episode gave us nothing of that sort. Anniversary episode changed the time war. That probably changed Daleks too. But nothing about that here. It was like episode had nothing to do with time war. I don’t know how much this changed Daleks’ anatomy. It felt like changes were made to have this story. I am not big enough fan to remeber if Daleks have been as connected to their suits as in this episode.

12th Doctor’s theme seems to be Doctor not trying to prevent deaths and sometimes to contribute for dying of others. He doesn’t want anyone to die, but he accept other’s death as only choice quite easily. And Missy is there to pick up the dead. I still think she is time lord and Doctor’s ex-wife or former girlfriend. I am really disappointed, if Missy turns out to be Classic Doctor’s villain Rani. I liked Rani, but it would be stupid to bring her with new name and then reveal her to be Rani. That was done with Master, but then it made sense since we didn’t know him to be anything special. Now we know Missy is something special.

This Doctor will certainly be different than any of earlier Doctor’s. I had to check couple time did I saw what really happened. This time he wasn’t as defeated as in first episode. This was closer to what I expected. This Doctor’s actions are closer to what Ninth Doctor looked like. Ninth was strange Doctor. He looked tough, but didn’t act tough. 12th Doctor looks and acts tough. I think Doctor is still trying to find his style and can be something different in third episode. I liked this episode’s Doctor. As I did with first episode’s. I hope they don’t try to make him funny like they did and failed with Ninth Doctor. They made that work with Tenth Doctor.

They missed opportunity to name this episode Journey to the Center of the Dalek. I would have like this episode more with that name. Episode had moments, but felt too much like remake of earlier episode and I didn’t like what they did to Dalek’s anatomy.